specialists-rubber-compounds-for-defence The Trusted Advisor to
Top Engineering Firms
Developing for BAE Systems as
their award winning compounder
specialists-rubber-compounds-for-aerospace The Key Strategic Supplier of
Choice for Rubber Processors
No matter which industry,
we give you the competitive edge
worldwide-specialists-rubber-compounder Clwyd Compounders are
the Global Compounding
We sell our products and
services to customers
in 5 continents.
specialists-rubber-compounds-facilities Full Compounding Service from
Formulation to Application
From technical advice to full formulation
protection and everything in between

We Specialise in Custom Rubber Compounds

Providing unparalleled quality and technical advice since 1979.
Clwyd Compounders have over 40 years experience supplying quality compounds to a wide range of industries.

We understand rubber in-depth – from formulation to application – and supply the highest quality rubber compounds to meet the most demanding of end-user specifications in industries ranging from oil & gas to food processing. We also understand the needs of downstream processors, working closely with our customers to ensure the compounds we supply process efficiently thus minimising waste.

Do you need help selecting your rubber compound?
We have a selector tool to help you.

Alternatively, you can reach our Technical Experts today.

Learn more about our history and expertise.

Supplying High Quality, Specialist Rubber
and Technical Expertise
to meet rigorous customer requirements
and new industry standards

Technical Expertise

Testing to Specifications

Committed to Quality

Comprehensive Selection

Latest News

Flame Retardant Compounds | EN45545-2 – LSLT – UL94 – LOI

Flame Retardant Compounds EN45545-2 – LSLT – UL94 – LOI Clwyd Compounders has developed a range of flame retardant (FR) halogen free compounds. These are designed for: 1. Low smoke 2. Low toxicity (LSLT) applications 3. Suitable for testing to…

Compounding low temperature elastomers for extreme conditions

Compounding Low Temperature Elastomers for Extreme Conditions Our webinar took place on Friday 11th September. We looked into how to compound the optimum formulation to suit your low temperature application requirement. Parts which are likely to be exposed to extreme low…
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