Compound Development

We are here to work alongside you in a detailed manner to develop a compound perfect for your end application.

At the core of Clwyd Compounder’s business model, is our commitment to providing new and existing customers with compounds that have been designed specifically for their end application. Ensuring the material performs at the highest level for as long as physically possible.

The ability for Clwyd Compounders to be able to provide this service is rooted within the technical expertise that we have within the rubber industry, with our experienced development team being critical in providing a solution to any enquiry. We are committed to providing a compound that has been specifically and expertly designed for its application, resulting in the best products on the market.

Our experienced technical team will work alongside you from idea, through to design of a material that fits your needs. Using the best available materials on the market, a quality material that outperforms the competition can be found.

With rubber compounds, you must find a balance between the physical performance and the processability of the compound within your process. Working with our experienced technical team, we will find the right balance to provide you with a compound that not only meets your physical requirements but also runs efficiently and effectively through your individual process.

To find out how we can work together to help you develop the best compound for your application, please get in touch with us today.

Mixing Capabilities

Laboratory Quality Control