What We Do

Our extensive experience and wealth of knowledge enables us to adapt to the most demanding applications.

Our experienced technical team and their service capabilities are equipped to handle any request that you require, whether that being a modification to an existing compound to suit your process needs, or if you are interested in starting a new project from scratch, we can provide the service you require.

We offer the full range of heat-curable elastomers, from natural rubber (NR) through to perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) and will always advise on the most cost-effective choice for your application. Whether your requirement is for 10kg or +10,000kg, you can be confident that the compound we supply will meet your exact requirements. We also have a range of small-scale equipment available, for specialist compounds and development work.

Our reputation for technical support and advice is second to none within the industry. Clwyd’s technical team work closely with major industry suppliers to ensure we have access to an extensive range of raw materials and are involved in several collaborative research projects. They regularly attend conferences and technical seminars and have written and presented a number of technical papers.

If you are responsible for specifying compounds where material performance is critical – contact us.

Full Compounding Service

We offer a full compounding service, from formulation to application, and customers usually approach us from one of the following start points:

The Industries We Provide To

Clwyd Compounders supply materials for use in a wide range of industries, information about widely used polymers in a selection of our main markets is given below: