Mixing Capabilities

Built to compound…

Built to compound all heat curable elastomers Clwyd Compounders has three core production units, serving customers from 10kg to +10,000kg.

Production Facilities

For all production units, careful ingredient preparation is essential for a high-quality mix; from a full QA on all incoming goods, to the accurate weighments control system that delivers full lot traceability.

All compounds are manufactured in our factory in Wrexham. Our 2-shift system is staffed to ensure that full process control, testing & maintenance facilities are available throughout our working hours so that you can be assured of a quality product.

All mixers and mills are fitted with recording software; temperature, power input, rotor speed, ram position and oil injection times which are recorded for every mix. Information from this system, together with information from the weighments system, rheology data and laboratory test results are stored in the company database to give a complete overview of the mixing process for every compound. As a custom compounder Clwyd Compounders are very happy to go the extra mile and meet any additional monitoring, mixing and test requirements you may have which go above and beyond what is typically required.

Supplying High Quality Elastomeric
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Laboratory Quality Control