The UK’s Trusted Custom Rubber Compounder

Clwyd Compounders Ltd is the specialist custom rubber compounder in the UK, providing excellent technical support, development and manufacturing. We give you the competitive edge, whatever the end application.

Our Philosophy

Our focus is to be the key rubber compounder whom you can trust for all your rubber requirements, from 1kg to 100t. We are materials experts and provide the very best in heat curable elastomers, technical support, quality and consistency since 1979.  

A Brief History


Clwyd Compounders Ltd, a second-generation family business, founded in 1979, with the founder’s son, Ian Haywood as Sales Director, the business is well placed to continue at the leading edge of rubber compound manufacturing and development for the years to come. The business operates from a purpose-built compound production and development facility, with a comprehensive rubber laboratory and multiple mixing lines, Clwyd Compounders is at the pinnacle of rubber compounding globally.

Clwyd Compounders Ltd was established by John Haywood (PhD, Materials Technology) and Sarah Haywood (MSc, Analytical Chemistry), and based in Wrexham, North Wales – an area with a long tradition of manufacturing, situated centrally for easy access to UK markets. As technologists, they appreciated the potential for continuous development of rubber compounds, both to meet existing needs with more cost-effective materials, and to expand the range of conditions in which rubber compounds could be used.


During the 1980’s, business capacity and supplier relationships were developed, and the Company established a particularly strong position in the fluoroelastomer market.

Quality accreditation was first achieved in 1987 to the BS5750 standard, and this was followed by a continuous improvement programme centred on the reduction of inter-batch variability of compounds. Recent years have seen further accreditations and standards maintained to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 an ISO45001.


The 1990’s, saw continued expansion in the business: the introduction of a 2nd mixer line with automatic stripping and slabbing facilities; and a priority on business system improvements, including computer-controlled weighing and scheduling throughout the factory.


Since 2000, the technical department and laboratory facilities were expanded substantially, with major investment in analytical equipment (TGA, and FTIR) for compound identification, and colour matching equipment. A separate unit has also been constructed to allow production of silicones, fluorosilicones and perfluoroelastomers under clean room conditions.


In 2011, the Board of Directors was strengthened by the appointment of Richard Thomas as Managing Director. This enabled the business to start planning for the transition to the next generation. It became clear that a purpose-built facility would be required, and the development plans came to fruition in 2018 when the business relocated to its new purpose-built facility on the Wrexham Industrial Estate. This move expanded the factory capacity by 40% and the laboratory by 60%, enabling Clwyd Compounders to take on increased development work and doubling its production capacity for rubber compound manufacturing.


In 2017, David O’Hare joined as Commercial Director, with a strong background in international business development and management, he was instrumental in driving through the implementation of a new fully integrated computer system, which utilises the latest software to bring efficiencies to the business. He was formally appointed Managing Director in 2020 following the retirement of Richard Thomas.

Specialists in Rubber Compounding

The founders of Clwyd Compounders, John and Sarah Haywood both had strong scientific backgrounds prior to starting the company. John with a PhD in Materials Technology and Sarah an MSc in Instrumental Chemical Analysis. This has heavily influenced the approach the company and its employees have about their work.

Obviously not all employees need to be qualified scientists, however we do demand all our team deliver quality, robust methodology and attention to detail in all that we do.

Rubber is a fascinating product and without it many technologies we rely on today would not be possible. Working at Clwyd Compounders involves being part of a team that provides the very best quality rubber compounds, technical support and customer service to a whole range of customers feeding into a wealth of industries.

Along with our customers we help make new technologies possible, existing ones more efficient and/or longer lasting, some recent developments have made aircraft more efficient, food production safer, wind turbines more powerful and satellites have been modified.

If you would like to be part of the team and you feel you share our values below, we would love to hear from you, please send emails to with a cover letter and CV.

Our Values

Always doing the right thing, even when no one’s looking.
We will seek out the latest and best materials and methods to provide novel solutions for our customer needs.
We will use sound, sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of our business.
We are driven by focusing on the quality requirements of our customers and fully satisfying their needs. Right first time, on time, every time.
Continuous improvement
We will recruit the best skills, and continuously develop our team. We will never stop learning and improving.
We are all accountable for what we do or fail to do. We will never compromise our responsibilities.

As a specialist rubber compounder, we provide
excellent quality compounds
and technical expertise
to meet rigorous customer requirements
and new industry standards.