CSM - Chlorosulfonated Polythene Rubber

Clwyd reference CSM
ASTM classification CSM
Typical applications
  • Inflatable boats and kayaks
  • Roofing applications
  • Resistant to weathering, oxygen and UV
  • Good high temperature resistance
  • Good oil resistance
Poor fuel resistance
Available hardness range (Shore A) 40 - 80
Upper continuous service temp. 125°C
Min. temp. for sealing applications -25°C
Minimum non-brittle  temp.  -40°C
Tensile strength (up to) 23 MPa
Elongation at break (up to) 350%
Price Bracket Very low
ASTM 1 Oil Excellent
ASTM 2 Oil Good
ASTM 3 Oil Good
Kerosene Good
Liquid B None
Liquid 101 None
Phosphate ester None
Ketone None
Toluene None
Iso-octane None
Methanol Excellent
Acid (weak) Good
Acid (strong) None
Base (weak) Good
Base (strong) None
Hydrogen sulphide None
Steam Average
Ozone Excellent
Radiation Good