Understanding Your Needs

Find a Full Compounding Services from Clwyd Compounds.
We offer a full compounding service, from formulation to application, and customers usually approach us from one of the following start points:
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Your Specification

This gives physical and/or chemical properties for the product.

Clwyd Compounders have mixes approved to meet many standard specification and our working database contains over 5000 formulations. Our trained staff and well equipped laboratory enable us to carry out full testing to almost all industry standards in house.

Your Existing Formulation

We can produce it, and recommend substitutions for any ingredients which are unavailable/ in shortage, or have been classified SVHC under REACH legislation. We never substitute a requested ingredient without informing the customer.

“Hard to handle” formulations are a speciality; our experienced process control team will do what is necessary to obtain a satisfactory product.

Match or Improve an Existing Part

You have a sample and some information about its service use. We are experienced in compound identification; we have the analytical equipment (including TGA and FTIR) to identify the sample, and the skills to produce an equivalent.

You have an idea

For new or improved products which would require enhanced performance from your existing rubber compounds.
We offer a full compound development service, and are well placed to advise on materials selection; we work closely with suppliers, and regularly evaluate new grades and additives where we believe these could add value.