ACM - Polyacrylate rubber

Clwyd reference ACM
ASTM classification ACM
Typical applications

Automotive sealing applications, including seals for transmission and power steering systems


Excellent resistance to petroleum fuel and oil

Good heat resistance

Good ozone resistance

Resists flex cracking


Moderate water resistance

Available hardness range (Shore A) 25 - 85
Upper continuous service temp. 175°C
Min. temp. for sealing applications -60°C
Minimum non-brittle  temp.  -60°C
Tensile strength (up to) 20 MPa
Elongation at break (up to) 450%
Price Bracket Low
ASTM 1 Oil Good
ASTM 2 Oil Good
ASTM 3 Oil Good
Kerosene Excellent
Liquid B None
Liquid 101 None
Phosphate ester None
Ketone None
Toluene None
Iso-octane None
Methanol None
Acid (weak) Good
Acid (strong) None
Base (weak) None
Base (strong) None
Hydrogen sulphide None
Steam None
Ozone Excellent
Radiation Good