A Compounders Approach to Raw Material and Data Management

On July 1st we participated in the DKG Elastomer Symposium 2021 online event. We discussed our approach to raw material and data management for safe, compliant and premium rubber compounds for a wide range of applications.

The design of a rubber compound today not only requires the Rubber Technologist to have the age old traditional technical knowledge of what the individual ingredients deliver to the overall rubber compound in terms of its processing and physical properties. Today, they also need to be aware of the restrictions that those materials can have on the applications for the finished parts, based on their individual and combined hazard ratings.

Clwyd Compounders recognise the issues facing the compounding industry and have invested in significant resources to cover this, and provide information for our customer base. This not only gives our customers the confidence in compliance. If there is a need to develop alternatives, Clwyd are orientated to work quickly at developing alternative compounds to ensure continuity of material supply.

To read about all the topics discussed around this subject please feel free to download our presentation, click here.