What Defines Us

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The Trusted Advisor

We can provide unbiased and impartial advice in respect to the most suitable compound to use for a particular environment.

Developing for BAE Systems as their award winning compounder Clwyd was approached to help develop a specialist compound for a nuclear submarine application. We worked very closely with the project team and a new material was developed, meeting both the specification required and the processing requirements. The development was completed on time and under budget. The development was so successful that the project won the BAE Systems – Silver Award. These awards are typically internal to BAE, however due to the extensive support that Clwyd delivered throughout the project, we had the honour of receiving it.

As Honeywell’s safety critical Tier 1 supplier Clwyd has worked on a number of projects with Honeywell and to date, we are proud to be the only rubber compounder in the world approved as a Tier 1 supplier for safety critical rubber compounds.

The Key Strategic Supplier

No matter what type of compound or volume, our team of five technologists and eight laboratory staff are on hand to work closely with you.

Clwyd are an instrumental part of our business, they offer technical support
for all compounds whatever the volume, they have access to the most novel polymers and fillers first and work with us and our customers to develop the solutions required.

Strong International Base

We have a range of industry-leading capabilities for markets around the world and sell products and services to customers in 5 continents.

Research through to Development

We excel at providing the highest quality compounds to meet new industry standards. We also endeavour to expand our innovative approach by using novel ingredients to make future technologies possible.

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