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Moved to Purpose Built Facility - Jan 2018

Clwyd Compounders has now moved to our brand new purpose built facility in the centre of Wrexham more

Compound Identification...

Compound IdentificationCustomers frequently need a compound which will match that in a sample provided, and Clwyd Compounders have made a substantial investment in analytical equipment which meets this need.

Thermo-gravimetric Analysis (TGA) is a technique which allows for a highly controlled burn of a sample, which enables the resulting weight loss to be analysed to provide useful information about the filler, oil and polymer content of the sample. This is complemented with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometry (FTIR), which analyses the organic bonding within the compound, and gives more detailed information about the substances present.

Having created databases of both compounds and ingredients, we can now use the above techniques in combination to gain a good idea of the likely formulation used to make a particular product.

Compound Identification can be provided either as part of a quote for a new compound, or a full report can be prepared for consideration as a stand-alone service.

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