Clwyd Compounders understands how crucial obtaining the correct colour is for certain parts.

Colour Compounds

We will work alongside you, our customer, to ensure we achieve the exact coloured compound you require. We use our in-house spectrophotometer to measure the L*a*b values to ensure batch to batch consistency.
We can provide compound matched to a RAL and Pantone colour references or to a sample that you have. We are able to ensure that the physical properties and performance of the compound won’t be adversely affected by having a coloured compound. We have a vast range of pigments which also includes a series of FDA approved pigments.
The application of the final part will also need to be considered to ensure we supply a compound that will have the highest levels of durability possible. If, for example the compound is likely to come into contact with direct sunlight, inorganic pigments can be chosen along with a suitable polymer base such as EPDM to suit your needs. Our skilled technologists will be able to provide you with a custom formulation to take into account all aspects of your requirements and choose the best all round formulation.